Susinchain Tool

This calculation and recommendation tool has been developed by DIL e.V. in the scope of SUSINCHAIN project in 2021. It allows to calculate the approximate environmental impact in four categories of global warming potential (GWP), non-renewable energy use (NRE), Land use (LU) and Water use (WU). Additionally it provides the estimation on the potential cost of such production, in euro according to the prices in 2021. The tool is intended for the use by the companies and start-ups dealing with the insect mass rearing for food and feed. By using the tool, insect stakeholders can estimate the production impacts and costs at the design stage and identify the improvement strategies


Anita Bhatia, Sergiy Smetana


  • Jolliet, O., Margni, M., Charles, R., Humbert, S., Payet, J., Rebitzer, G., & Rosenbaum, R. (2003). IMPACT 2002+: a new life cycle impact assessment methodology. The international journal of life cycle assessment, 8(6), 324-330.
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  • The tool is based mainly on IMPACT 2002+ LCIA Methodology (Jolliet et al., 2003) for the calculation of environmental impacts.
  • The costs of activities were calculated based on publicly available prices.
  • Water use (water scarcity) was calculated using IMPACT WORLD+ methodology (Bulle et al., 2019)